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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

First Date Should be a Mini-Date

Dating is expensive! I'm not just talking about the cost of dinner, drinks and / or a movie, I'm talking about the costs of their emotions and time in the dating process. In dating, the quantity over quality from start can leave you too emotionally exhausted to find the right person to spend your valuable time and energy. You should always keep in view the time being given to the appointment process, remembering that your time is valuable, and every minute with the wrong person, is a minute taken away to be with the right person. Therefore, you should always want to make productive time of their dating experiences. So how can you get around the appointment process, not collected by the scars that come out also the man Mr. and Ms. Wrong? Make your first date a mini-date.

What is a mini-date? A mini-date is exactly what it sounds like, a mini-date. It is an abbreviated version of what a full date would be, except you do not have the cost associated with having a full date. It is a date without the limitations emotional, financial, and time normally associated with a full date. A mini-date should be used as a pre-requisite for a full date.
How long should a mini-date last? A good time for a mini-date is 30 minutes to 1 hour. If after 30 minutes you've had enough, then you know that you are spared the time to bear an expiration date from hell. "If after a time that is still intrigued both from each other, that's a good indication that a full date may be in order.
What should I speak in a mini-date? Specifics should be saved for a full date and / or relationship. However, you should want to refer to issues that are important to you. You must be willing to ask openly, and tell your 'bursts'. You should touch on all those topics that people tell you not to talk. Sex, Religion and Politics, you will not necessarily in that order, and there is no reason to be sexually graphic. It makes no sense to spend an afternoon with someone that you know you have philosophical differences with him. Opposites may attract, but do not last. In the end, it is better to date someone who shares the same interest with. If you are Catholic and the person you're in a mini event is Jewish, and we both know that will not make a full date is not necessary. If their views are more liberal and more conservative schedules, there is a good chance that you will have more to agree not to agree. You know what you're willing and unwilling to accept, and what things can be compromised.
What is the best day and time for a mini-date? Unlike a typical day for a mini-date you want to choose a day and time where time is a problem. In other words, you should try to set the min-dates those times when you have something to do before and / or after the date. Lunch or breakfast is a good mini-date.
Where is a good place to go for a mini-date? The purpose of a mini-date is not romance, but rather to gather enough information to see if a relationship with the person that can lead to romance. You should choose the places that are public and unromantic. You want to choose a place to focus attention on the conversation and get to know each other and not the environment, food, or waiter, or any other elements that could be a distraction to get to know the real person. For a min-date try going to a cafe, bookstore, gym, or a simple sandwich shop restaurant.
What places should I avoid for a mini-date? Since you are trying to extract enough information from the date to qualify for a full date, it is best to stay away from intimate restaurants, sporting events, bars and nightclubs. Basically, stay away from noisy places and all places where it would be difficult to lead a meaningful conversation.
Mini-dates can be a very effective tool to pre-qualify your dates before making the investment of your time going to a live date. The largest investment in courtship is the time, and time is your most valuable asset. If you choose and invest wisely, you will reap dividends in the end.


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