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Sunday, 28 November 2010

5 Countryside Dating Tips

Believe it or not, countryside dating can be very different to dating for those who live in towns and cities mainly due to the nature of rural life; however, many of the problems faced by singles can be the same. Perhaps it’s down to singles doing things wrong like sending out the wrong signals on a date for example, or maybe they’ve lost the art of dating. If you’re back on the countryside dating market and want a few helpful pointers read on…

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Love at First Byte

The Way of Being Unique among Other Profiles
First of all you need to make your online profile and it must be great if you want to see good results of it. The first impression people get of you depends on the way you write it. You must upload a nice photo of yourself, the best one you have, make a stress on your positive qualities and be sincere. No double-meanings in your profile, the best would be for you to be direct so that everyone understands you the right way.
Let’s take for example some advices posted by McDermott, the vice president of
• Be selective in the information you’re giving. Don’t expose more information than you normally would expose when you first meet someone new. You can expose it after you get to know each other.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Body Language

These days everybody talks about body language - performance experts, life coaches, gossip columnists and dating gurus.

But do you know what body language is?

The dictionary gives this definition to 'body language': "The gestures, postures, and facial expressions by which a person manifests various physical, mental, or emotional states and communicates nonverbally with others."

I have been interested in body language for years, and after reading a few dozens of books, all you need to know can be summarized in 4 simple points:

Monday, 8 November 2010

Post your Online Personal Ad

Find a Place to Post your Online Personal Ad

Personals OnlineThis is the key to meeting the kind of people you want to date. There is such a variety of possibilities when deciding where to post your online personal, you'd be a fool not to do a bit of research before selecting the personals site you'll utilize. Maybe you're greatest interest is finding a free site -- such places do exist, though your options will be limited. Even more likely, you're looking to meet people from a certain lifestyle. Your options are limitless here. From sites for people looking for fetish based relationships, to dating sites based on religious or political values, personal ads can be placed at any number of topic specific online locations.

10 Dating

1. Prepare yourself mentally for the dating game. If you really want to succeed ona a particular date, decide what type of person you are looking for, do your research on your own interests and goals, and be ready to commit to dating one individual if need be. Going into a date half cocked just won't work. This doesn't mean the first person you date has to be your future spouse -- but it means you should be ready for a monogamous relationship to arise. Remember that some people do date in order to find Mr. or Miss Right. Also prepare for some let downs along the way -- dating is nothing if not a series of excitements and disappointments, but remember not to take dating too seriously.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dating description

Dating is a form of courtship, and may include any social activity undertaken by, typically, two persons with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. The word refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity. Traditional dating activities include entertainment or a meal.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Get More Girls By Visualizing It


How to Get More Girls By Visualizing It

Posted by Allurre
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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Dating a Nice, Sexy Girl

I have 5 easy tips that you can apply straight away that will help you stay calm and focused on a hot date. I've had many dates and failed many times. That's why I want to use my experience to help the people out there. I know it's a horrible feeling when the date you looked forward to so long melts on the date and becomes a disaster. It feels crap, and you cannot control yourself. Yes, I have done it many times.

Before we discuss the tips, does this apply to you?

Before you go on any date, you will feel nervous.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Hot Dating For Men

Here are a few dating tips for men I have learned over the past few years that will help you get more women. Try and use them when you're in the dating game.

HOT Dating Tip

Try and get something out of every interaction you have with a woman. We can't win them all, but we sure as hell can learn from it. Dating is fun, and rejection should not be taken to heart.

Tip #2:

Be funny! Laughter is a great aphrodisiac. If you're not funny, listen to some stand up comedy on DVD or CD. Get some books on humour. Robin Williams, Lee Evans, Chris Rock etc. Study what they say, and pretty soon you'll be the funniest guy around.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Body Language Basics Women

Body language is VERY important. According to studies carried out over 50% of your message comes from your body language – what you DON’T say and less then 8% of your communication comes from what you DO say.

What does this mean to you?

It is MORE significant to pay careful attention to HOW you say things, and HOW you position yourself and HOW you act than it is to WHAT you say (at least initially).

Get Girls

Feeling lonely?  Understandable.  Tons of guys have problems picking up and attracting women.  Unfortunately for most of us (including myself), we weren’t born with the magical abilities to be able to get girls without much effort.   I was finally fed up with my situation, so I set out the better part of a decade ago and I discovered exactly what worked with women, and more importantly, what didn’t!  So now here I am, and I am going to give you my top 3 tips and tricks that you can use RIGHT NOW to start picking up women and will get you right on your way to learning how to get girls!

Date Ideas


Pros: Museums are (usually) really interesting and kick ass.  They can be cheap in most cases, and provide for LOTS of opinionated conversation.

Cons: Lots of walking, lots of talking.  If the date turns sour, your pretty much fucked

Notes:  Go to a GOOD museum!   If you can, look up reviews and ask people who've been before.  Don't go to a dull museum without much color, go to one that has a lot of color variations, interesting things (like fossils), art, etc.


Pros: At first glance, zoo's may look a bit cheesy and uncomfortable for a first date.  Well, assuming the weather is perfect, a trip to the zoo can be one of the best first/second/third dates you can possibly go on.  It allows a perfect mixture of communication and entertainment.  Just keep it light, and make sure it's not too cold or to hot.  Usually zoo's have on-location resteraunts so it's a perfect oppurtunity for more interaction as well.

 Cons:  Some zoo's are more expensive then other, and if the weather turns you're pretty much shit out of luck.

Notes: Girls go moist over cute animals.

Drive-In Movies

Pros: Drive-In Movies kick ass.  They provide the entertainment of an actual movie, but with more seclusion and privacy for "fun".

Cons:  Could be abunch of kids around or something gay like that.

Notes:  A LOT of people who think they know something about attracting women will tell you "ohh nooo, movies are bad for a (first) date, blah blah."  Drive-In Movies are the exception.  They are really fun, and they are DIFFERENT!  That's what it's all about. 

Comedy Club

Pros: Comedy Clubs are a great place for a great first date. You sit around with your woman, and just laugh your asses off for an hour or so. This is great for "Anchoring". Just like the concert, whenever she will think of you (if the person you went to see was actually funny), she will automatically think of you and how much of a good time she had. This will send all those feelings of humor and well-being back to her and she will relive the experience. If that doesn't seal the deal, then knowing that most comedy clubs serve alcohol should!

Cons: Sometimes people just aren't funny. There could also be a tought time talking (possibly).

Notes: Make sure you pick a comedian thats funny!

***Where do you take her on a date? Where's the perfect dating site? Wherever you make it special. ***


Pros:  Winerys are great for first dates for three reasons. Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol.  Haha, just playing.  However, alcohol is a common feature at winerys, it's also usually accompanied with GREAT scenery, and great food.  You hardly see these now a days, so you will definitely get points for it being a rare date.

Cons:  Depending on the type of person you are, alcohol could be a problem.

Notes:  Winerys aren't for getting drunk.  They are for relaxation and tasting.  Make sure you keep that mind and try not to drink too much.

Coffee/Tea Shop

Pros:  It's a great, laid back type of atmosphere.  In fact, it's SO casual, most women won't even assosiate it with a first date.  Why is that so good?  It cuts out TONS of barriers.  When women conciously think they are on a first date, they put up barriers like: "no sex on the first date," "gotta play hard to get," etc.  It's also cheap if your a broke college student

 Cons: It's becoming more and more popular now-a-days so it might become the next version of "dinner and a movie."  I doubt it though. 

Notes:  You might want to work on your conversational skills before trying this one, because thats all that there is to do.  Work on transitions, keeping the conversation light, fun, and you should be golden.


Pros: Concerts are a great idea for first dates because of what it involves.  It's pretty much just an hour or more of pure adrenaline.  Why is it good though?  Guys NEVER take girls to concerts for first dates.  It's a great place to "break the routine".  It's also good because of the psychological affects it has on women.  If you take a woman to a (kick ass) concert, she will always and forever remember it.  So, from then on, everytime she thinks of you, she will be reminded of all the good, fun, and exciting feelings she felt when she was with you at that concert.

Cons: It can be loud, and crowded.  This could cut down on conversation between the two of you.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Flirt Body Language

Would you like to know how to attract the attention of any person in the room? Would you like to know if another person finds you attractive, or if you're wasting precious time? Almost all researchers agree that 65-85% of all communication is done thru nonverbal body language. Learning how to read flirt body language-your body and theirs--is a valuable tool for success!

Flirt and Have Fun!

Have you ever seen a woman who can command the attention of many men without effort? Do you wonder how in the world she does that? Well all ladies have some flirting ability. We just need a few pointers to get us started.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Before the date

Planning and preparation before the date plays a big part in helping you to make the best possible impression on the other person. Below is a very simple checklist that everyone should follow.
  • Make an effort with your appearance
It goes without saying that you should make the time to get ready to be sure that you look your best. This is especially important for very busy or very disorganised people. Don't suddenly find that you have twenty minutes to get ready because you haven't planned properly. Anyway, the getting ready part is all part of the fun isn't it?!
  • Get the outfit right
It is important to make an effort but whatever you do don't overdress for the occasion. Think about the chosen venue and get it right. For example, you don't want to be wearing a mini skirt at the bowling alley. It gives off all the wrong impressions and you're guaranteed to feel uncomfortable for the entire date!
When on the date
Of course no two dates will ever be the same, but these general rules always apply:
  • Do be yourself
  • Do tell the truth
  • Do listen to what the other person is saying
  • Do laugh at their jokes (But only if they're funny!)
  • Do use positive body language like eye contact and smiling
  • Don't get drunk. Even if you're nervous.
  • Do keep personal chat to a minimum. Like talking about your first pet's name for example.
  • And whatever you do, don't talk about your exes early on... Nobody wants to hear sob stories or imagine you being with anybody else. This is the sort of conversation to have much further down the line and it is much too personal to discuss on a first date.
After the date
  • Don not rush.
Pushing for a second date if the other party has not mentioned it first can seem a little desperate therefore very unattractive to the opposite sex. As a general rule you don't have to set another date up that night. That's what phone calls, emails etc are for. Take your time and enjoy the build up. In the same vein it is essential that you do not leap into bed with the other person straight away if it's a meaningful long term relationship that you're after.
  • Be safe
Remember that even though you�ve been out with this person once it doesn�t mean that you know them yet. This is especially important if you have met online, through dating personals or similar, rather than through a friend.
  • Play it cool
If the other person doesn't get back in touch with you right away, don't panic! They may be busy with other things - like work or friends etc - and it doesn't necessarily mean that they didn't have a good time or that they don't want to see you again. Whatever you do don't call them or email them constantly. This is a sure-fire way of scaring them off!

Hot Women Dating Tips

You don’t find many articles on dating tips for meeting Japanese women but we did come up with this one. His main suggestion is to find ways to make yourself stand out from all the other guys. Don’t have what some call the Asian fetish where you pretend to love everything Japanese including Sushi and all of Japanese culture. This does not work. Just act naturally and don’t try to impress with your knowledge of all facts Japanese. Don’t try to speak Japanese unless you really know how to speak the language.

Japanese women certainly are among the cutest Asian women and Japanese society is close to our American way of life. After all Japan does have the worlds #2 economy last time I checked. Theses hot Japanese girls like to dress in trendy fashion and have all the latest in electronic gadgets, many of which are made in Japan or other countries in Asia. There are a couple of dating sites where you can meet these Japanese girls and we have reviewed them on our main site. Please take the time to check them out.

              How to Attract Japanese Women

    What makes these women so popular in the eastern part of the world especially in America? Japanese women have made a huge name for themselves and countless men are fighting to get her attention and get them to their bedroom. You are competing with these men so how can you make your self standout from the competition of all these desperate guys trying to get that lovely Japanese girl?

    Easy, don’t be desperate and don’t have what the experts call an Asian fetish. Stop showing her how much you are into Japanese culture- it does not work. In fact I once was ignore by a Japanese girl because I was talking too much about her culture how much I liked it and all that.

    If you ask them many of them will tell you that they do not like all the guys who talk too much about them. They do not like all these guys that are obsess with their culture.

    What you need to do is find a way to stand out from all the other guys, do something different. Don’t try to talk to her in Japanese – it’s annoying. You should be able to talk with her without showing your obsessing. Save your obsession for yourself.

    She would like to have a fun conversation with you and also learn about your background as well. While you both are talking you can ask her how to say something in her language. Stop trying to hard to impress her and get her approval and just have fun. Japanese women want to date eastern men but not if you are going to have an Asian fetish. You have a great advantage over these women that Japanese men don’t have.

    Find out more about the advantages that YOU have over Japanese men that will get you that hot Japanese girl.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

How to Tell a Guy Friend That You Like Him Without Losing His Friendship! Follow This Method

If you really like a guy and would want him to be your boyfriend then there are several ways of letting him know. This may depend on the kind of person you are. If you have known him for quite some time then maybe you can just tell this to him directly. Here are some interesting ideas that can help you let him what’s in there in your heart.

Be in control of your emotions:
If you seriously love a guy then you must ensure that you don’t complicate things for him. If he already has a girlfriend or wife then it is recommended that you keep your feelings to yourself, till you feel the time is right to let him know.

Don’t scare him by being too candid:
You know your guy friend well. If he is a shy natured guy then you will scare him by being too candid about your feelings. Your declaration should be according to the type of person your guy friend is.

Ask his friends:
It is a good idea to ask his friends what he thinks about you before you go ahead and tell him. You can also ask his friends if he likes some other girl in the class. This will help you find out whether or not he is interested in you.

Drop some clues and see how he reacts:
You don’t need to go straight and drop a bomb on him. Give out hints that you really like him. Buy him a lunch, give him a ride or invite him to a wedding with you. Try to spend as much time you can with him. This will help you stay closer to him and this will let the attraction grow between you.

Be his support when he needs it:
Let him know that you are always there for him. If he gets fired from a job, take him out to cheer him up. If his girlfriend dumps him, be sympathetic. If you are caring, he will inevitably take notice of it and know that you like him.

Keep your friendship first:
When letting him know how much you like him, ensure that you don’t spoil the relationship. Always keep your friendship before everything else and tell him that even if he is not interested, it should not affect the present equation you share.

Give him some time to respond:
When you tell you guy friend how you feel, do it tactfully. Don’t pressurize him for an answer straightaway. Some guys act stupidly at such situations. Let him take his own time and respond slowly.

Pay Close Attention Here-

Now listen carefully! Take 2 minutes to read the next page and you’ll discover a stunning trick which will show you- How to Captivate a Man, Make Him Fall in Love with You — and Give You The World. There is a set of easy to follow psychological tricks which shows any woman how to be irresistible to men. I strongly urge you to read everything on the next page before it’s too late and time runs out-

Dating Mature Fat Chicks Okinawa

Dating Mature Fat Chicks Okinawa The physical body of a beautiful woman is not affected by how weight they gain. That is why  dating mature fat chicks Okinawa  has something to say about it. Their services are an exchange of something more beautiful that will change your life forever. There is more energy with fat women because they care much to their husband or their partner in date. They have come to finality that dating should be a fun adventure and should not be mixed with discrimination. The people who push this concept are successful enough because there are testimonies from guys who are satisfied with their date.

 In fact, there is a competition among men because the big chicks found in the services are not just fat but also has a beauty of a Japanese Woman. They know how to take care of men as part of what they grew up in their culture. Dating mature fat chicks Okinawa is the most responsible step ever done by men who like fat women because they promote only the best for the benefit of these women. It has been a growing concern about discrimination, and this is the response for it. A life changing experience if ever you involve yourself in it.

If you browse through the internet, you will find a lot in common of this concept. Psychologically, if you are a man who like fat woman without hesitation then this is just right for you. Just imagine letting yourself get what you want and considering the culture in Japan for women to take care of their partners. That is two advantages that you got in to once you consider dating mature fat chicks Okinawa . If you are ready for this, then visit the website and browse it. You will find more satisfactions than any other dating social networking site.

Mature Christian Dating

Marriage is a union bonded by the law of God and of men. It should not be broken by any means. That is why before you get married you should try to try first the  mature Christian dating . All over the world, there is a growing rate of divorce or separated couples for the reason of incompatibility. That is somehow a large margin that alarmed the Christian world. That is why as a response to have this kind of service was made. Today, there are a lot to know more about these dating services. It is available in your local area and even the Internet.

 The World Wide Web is the largest venue for this kind of industry and has a lot to offer. What we see online is the sample of what dating services is all about. The scene seems to be big changes because the conservatism of the concept of the mature Christian dating is far different on how they do it in the old ways. In short, there is a slight difference in the concept because it has promulgated the doctrine of being a Christian. Somehow, there is a fast acceptance from those people who uses it because it has a positive effect on them.

 The tribute of these dating services is not a termination of culture but rather an evolution of how that system works. All over the world, every Christian had seen the good effects of dating. What you would feel now for many years is a different effect. That is why you should have an open mind about the technology. Mature Christian dating should be taken as a serious matter because it has provided a very well reaction in the society. All you need is the proper use of the interface and make sure that you place in good information about you.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dating Over 50: It's Never Too Late

Dating Over 50: It's Never Too Late
Some people, no matter how old they get, never seem to get the hang of dating. Countless bad dates and cheesy pick-up lines could make you feel like giving up and staying single forever. You could be dating just to have fun, or you could be looking for a serious companion. You must keep a positive attitude and learn that with age comes experience. And experience is the best teacher! Take your emotions and the emotions of the other person into account when evaluating a date.
Don't rush dating. There is nothing wrong with getting to know someone before you date someone. Dating over 50 does not mean you're running out of time. Rather the opposite. You are experienced and have learned that to get along with someone, you must find that perfect match. Knowing someone prior to an actual romantic date takes the stress out of putting on your best face when getting to know someone. Most people try so hard to impress someone that they forget to relax and be themselves. When dating, at any age, you want to get to know someone well, before taking that important "next step". And both people need to relax in order to show their real selves.
The dating frame of mind changes with age. The emphasis of marriage and children is practically gone by this point in a person’s life. Most people dating over 50 are just looking for a person to have a great time with. Some are divorced or widowed. Others are still in search of the right person to spend their life with. You can be assured that if someone is dating over 50 then they have been there, done that, and know exactly what they want and don't want in a mate. They have "been there" and are usually set in their ways. This does not mean that they cannot change, it just implies that is unusual.
As with most types of dating, there are sites devoted to dating over 50. "Prime Singles" is a dating site specializing in the over 50 crowd. You can browse in your area or across the world to find your perfect match, and its all for free. Whether you are seeking someone who is over 50, or are over 50, its almost impossible not to find a match. Dating over 50 can be just as fun as dating when you're 20. You're never too old to date and it's never too late to fall in love.

Unforgettable Date

couple on beach
What a fun experience dating can be, for whatever age it is, there is that euphoric feeling of excitement and sheer joy as you meet a person you seem to have interest with. This is the first step in finding your future life partner. During this phase you are getting to know each other better, the side of yourself that you are less familiar with is being unraveled.
When one is out on a date, what must he do in order to make the date worth a memory to cherish? Are there strict guidelines to follow? There are actually none, but there could be helpful tips in order for you to make the most out of your date. These tips are really important so that you would be able to act well and enjoy the rest of the time you have with that special person.
* Observe punctuality.
Time matters in almost any meeting or activity, it matters most in a date especially if it is the first date. Cliche as it may seem but first impressions last and you have to take good care of your date’s impression of you. It may mean something negative if you fail to arrive on time. You may have all the excuses, but you have to show the best efforts in order not to be late.
* Remind yourself that you are just excited and not nervous
That strange pump of your heart is just going to distract you from doing well and enjoying your time. Well, it is but normal to feel that way but do not allow it to swallow you and stop you from doing the things you wanted to do. If you cannot stand the feeling, see to it that you divert that emotion to something that is more positive. Instead of feeling nervous, you have to remind yourself that you are just excited. This could really help you ease the burden of being worried or pressured. Being nervous does not help out, drop it off.
* Honesty is still the best policy
You do not have to impress your date by telling tall tales. Sincerity and honesty would always lead you to that acceptance from others. With your honest way of opening yourself to that person you choose to go out with, you would surely reap a warm and honest treatment as well. You could appear impressive without being dishonest. When you are true to what you say and feel, it exudes.
These are just three of the most helpful tips that could make heaven out of your date. Remember, it is the first step to find that lifetime partner you have been waiting for. For more tips, you can find them on this website. I hope you find this site helpful in your journey to finding your life partner.

Why HotEnough?

If you're finding out that you're not short of dates, but your dates are just coming up short, then you've come to the right place.
Unlike other dating sites, Hot Enough is not so much about looks but about "A LOOK". Attractive, fit, and trendy are just a few of the descriptions Hot Enough elites have to offer and all to accomodate your personal flare and style.
Through our screening process, we have filtered the masses leaving only your area's most attractive, fit, trendy singles and have now included an exclusive section for our 40+ singles, the "BABY BOOMER SECTION". Hot Enough offers three tiers of hotties, so if you're fit and trendy, then rest assured there is a place for you. It's easy and takes only a few moments to become part of the sexiest dating site on the web. So set up an account and dare to be HOT ENOUGH!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

First Date Tips

For many people, first dates are about as much fun as a trip to the dentist's office, but a few simple first date tips can eliminate any unnecessary pain. When done correctly, first dates are a great way to gauge chemistry, compatibility, and communication.
If you are planning the date, you have a huge advantage. The most successful first dates are the ones in which both parties feel completely at ease. Although it is tempting to go all out on the first date, low-key plans are better. If the date goes well, you'll have plenty of time later to wow your partner with your elaborate plans. When thinking about the perfect location for your first date, consider the following first date tips:
  • The less complicated, the better. Avoid drawn-out, multi-part dates. These leave too much room for unexpected surprises. An evening that flows is much more relaxing.
  • Pick a nice, simple restaurant. No one wants to be worried about the proper fork to use or how to pronounce restaurant items.
  • A laid back, fun date will allow both parties to relax. Comedy clubs, sporting events, and concerts are good bets to lighten the mood.
  • As cheesy as they sound, bowling, miniature golf, go-carts, and video arcades can all be fun, icebreaking dates. Laughing over a crashed go-cart can quickly erase tension and lead to an air of familiarity. 
  • It goes without saying, but you should definitely be neatly groomed for the first date, a seemingly obvious first date tip. Love may be blind, but first dates are not. Here are some first date tips for your wardrobe:
  • Dress appropriately for the date. If you are going to a basketball game, jeans would be far better than a formal dress. As much as you'd like to show off your new outfit, you'll only look foolish if you're overdressed.
  • Do not dress too seductively. Even if you typically dress in a sexy way, tone it down a bit for the first date. Extremely provocative clothing can be distracting. It can also give the impression that you are only looking for a physical encounter. 
  • he conversation is probably the most important part of the first date. Through talking to your date, you'll quickly find out if you have anything in common and if you are at all compatible. While it is important to be yourself, it's more important to be your best self. You are just getting to know each other and certain things are better left unsaid--for now. Some first date tip conversation pointers include:
  • Avoid potentially polarizing debates. The first date is not the appropriate time to discuss views on the death penalty, abortion, same-sex marriage, or any other hot topics.
  • Leave the past behind. Resist the urge to entertain your date with stories of your abusive childhood, painful divorce, or complicated relationships. Although these subjects are part of you and may very well need to be discussed, this is not the right time.
  • Be upbeat. We are naturally more attractive when we are being positive. Now is not the time to launch into a tirade about your rotten luck, terrible year, or awful job. Find something pleasant to discuss.
Many first date tips advise daters to make a list of conversation starters. That's good advice, to a point. If the conversation is flowing, you will probably not need such a list. If, however, there is an awkward lull, turn to your list, but make it as natural as possible.

In Conclusion

Dating is not nearly as painful as we all make it out to be. Just be honest, be yourself, and have fun, and soon you'll be the one giving out the first date tips!