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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Love at First Byte

The Way of Being Unique among Other Profiles
First of all you need to make your online profile and it must be great if you want to see good results of it. The first impression people get of you depends on the way you write it. You must upload a nice photo of yourself, the best one you have, make a stress on your positive qualities and be sincere. No double-meanings in your profile, the best would be for you to be direct so that everyone understands you the right way.
Let’s take for example some advices posted by McDermott, the vice president of
• Be selective in the information you’re giving. Don’t expose more information than you normally would expose when you first meet someone new. You can expose it after you get to know each other.

• Stand out from the crowd. Your profile should be written in a way that could evoke some thoughts from the persons that read it, thoughts that one can share with you ultimately by the means of email.
• The less the better. You mustn’t give every single detail about you, such as the cruel personality of your boss or all the defects of your last partner.
• Be playful. You must be relaxed and fun. Open-minded, playful people usually are the ones that attract the most, according to Trish McDermott.
Referring to the Safety of Online Dating
In order to make online dating safe for you, make sure the service you’re using allows you to communicate anonymously with people, without necessarily giving out all your contact information. Don’t feel obliged to meet someone if you don’t want to or if you don’t feel yet prepared for it, and when you do it, arrange the meeting in a public place and let some of your friends know what you’re doing. Don’t stick to complicated, long meetings-go to drink a cup of coffee together-thus you will be able to leave as soon as you wish.
Anyone Can Find Love At First Byte
One great factor that influenced the increasing demand of online dating has been the tragedy of September 11, 2001. It made people understand that life is too short to let relationships aside and to waste it on other things. Since this 911 tragedy huge numbers of people using online dating services have been recorded.
Different online dating websites, such as:, Yahoo Personals, One and Only Internet Personals, have functions that allow one to search for new people, based on different criteria (age, place of living, interests, religion etc.).
The majority of these services charge a fee for being able to answer to other members’ profiles, but they also let you post your profile and photo chargeless. Thus they convince people to register themselves.
Audrey advices everyone to subscribe to such websites for, “thus, you can get matched with the right people”. Besides, anyone can find the right person online, take for example “a senior blind, one-legged and bald man”, as he called himself, who found it on

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