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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dating Statistics Everyone Should Know

One. 40 million Americans use online dating services. That is about 40% of the adult American single population. It is not a fad anymore, & it might be your ticket to finding happiness.

While I am a firm believer in fate, fate, & karma, not everybody is willing to trust in "the stars" to decide their future. You may have wondered to yourself, "What is my chance of finding a mate?" Well, there's various statistics to support the answer to that query, & I have listed several of them below. You may be surprised at a number of them, the number of people that use online dating.

two. 44% of the adult American population is single. That is over 100 million people, so your odds are actually much better than you think.

three. On average, there's 86 single men to every 100 single females in America. So, the odds are slightly in favor of men finding a mate. This ratio is a bit better in the Southwest, & in warmer climates such as Illinois, Florida, & Los angeles, the ratio in some cities actually favors the females.

four. 50% of New York state adults are single, making it the best state for single people. Washington, D.C. actually boasts a 70% single rate, making it the best area (although not a state) for single people.

The states with the worst ratios are Idaho & Utah, with 40% & 41% single, respectively. Profiles with pics recover from two times as lots of responses. According to economists at MIT & University of Chicago, profiles with pics recover from two times as lots of emails as profiles without them. Sounds like a nice reason to me to go ahead & put that picture out there on your profile.51% percent of single people surveyed say that flattery is the best way to attract someone. According to Are You Normal About Sex, Love, & Relationships? 25% also say to make use of touching as a way to flirt is very effective, as well as a surprising 23% say that the best way to let someone know you are interested in them is the elderly schoolyard method of passing word through a mate.#1 relationship argument is over money - according to a poll by the University of Denver. So, don't feel bad in case you cannot agree about who is paying for the date. It is common, & not exactly a foretelling of things to come.You have 15 minutes to make a first impression - if you are a woman, that is. If you are a man, you have a small more cushion. Females usually take about an hour to pick if you are going to have a second date.

ten. Only 2% of men find relationships from a barstool. This number only goes up to 9% for females. So, get down off that barstool, & try your luck somewhere else, such as online, or through a network of friends, where 63% of married couples claim to have found their mates, according to the book Sex in America: A Definitive Survey by Robert T. Michael.

9. 48% of breakups in online relationships occur through e mail. It may appear rude or insensitive, but this is the world they live in, in the setting of an online relationship.

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