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Monday, 25 October 2010

Flirt Body Language

Would you like to know how to attract the attention of any person in the room? Would you like to know if another person finds you attractive, or if you're wasting precious time? Almost all researchers agree that 65-85% of all communication is done thru nonverbal body language. Learning how to read flirt body language-your body and theirs--is a valuable tool for success!

So what are the tools of the trade? Here's a list of the top five:

#1 Flirting Tool - Your Eyes

Hands down, eye contact is the ultimate flirting tool. Your eyes are vital for communicating all emotions, and particularly handy for interpreting sexual signals. Eyes communicate attraction and availability, and open the door to the beginnings of intimacy. Use the "Settle & Slide" approach, and you'll know within 10-15 seconds if there's possibility, or you should pass.

#2 Flirting Tool - Your Lips and Theirs

Lips come in #2. Smile! Look friendly and approachable. A smile indicates interest, and opens the door for conversation. If you happen to be female, wear lip gloss. A female with full, glossy red lips is a turn on for a man. It reminds him of other things... Likewise, the more attracted a woman is to a man the more she looks at his lips. When you find the girl of your dreams gazing at you, lick your lips….

#3 Flirting Tool - Your Posture.

Your posture reflects your attitude. Do not slump! If you have to, fake it till you make it. Nobody wants a needy, insecure or depressed date, so stand tall, shoulders back, arms relaxed, and smile.

#4 Flirting Tool - Your Hands

Your hands are one of the most expressive parts of your body, signaling interest, self-confidence and sexual interest. Resting your chin on your hand, with the index finger pointed towards your temple makes you look intelligent. Tucking your hand into your pants, and leaving your thumb exposed expresses confidence. Putting your hand on your hips with the fingers pointed towards your crotch shows sexual confidence.

Since touch is such a flirting tool, the hands win out on that front, too.

#5 Flirting Tool - Your Legs

The placement of your legs says a lot about you. If someone is interested in you, eventually, their feet will point toward you. If they're standing, one leg will be pointed your direction. If she crosses her legs at the thighs, you're in luck. That's the classic "I'm interested" pose. Slipping her foot slightly out of her shoe indicates that she is very comfortable with you. On the other hand, a person can look calm and interested, but if they're tapping one foot, they are looking for a quick get away.

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