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Monday, 25 October 2010

Flirt and Have Fun!

Have you ever seen a woman who can command the attention of many men without effort? Do you wonder how in the world she does that? Well all ladies have some flirting ability. We just need a few pointers to get us started.

Look Your Best. Dress well yet dress modesty for the best results. Never wear plunging necklines or tight pants or a dress that is too short. If you reveal all, it suggests there is not much substance to you as a person. If you are going to a party, dinner or some other social affair, I recommend you take advantage of all the beautiful skirts on the market today. I particularly like the flared flippy skirts that fall just below the knee. You know, the ones with the godet inserts that have so much movement. This kind of skirt flatters almost every woman and yet, they are tasteful and rather sexy. Most ladies have nice legs from the knee down. Show it off - most men love to see a woman in something feminine like a skirt! I highly recommend wearing skirts a nd pumps, or skirts and strappy sandals or even skirts and Birkenstocks.

Remember flirting is fun and is NOT done with serious intent. You won't sustain a lasting relationship by being a flirt, but it sure is an attention grabber. So sit back and check out these smooth moves.

· Keep it light and never get serious. It should be fun.

· Overcome the fear of rejection. If your first attempts to flirt don't work, just blow it off and try again.

· Did you know that most of your first impression is appearance and body language. With that in mind, you must be approachable.

· Smile. Nothing is more naturally beautiful than a genuine warm smile. It will signal the nervous guy that you are approachable.

· Make Eye Contact. That does NOT mean stare the poor guy down. Just make quick eye contact with a slight smile on your face and let those pretty lashes flutter down. Hold his gaze for one or two seconds at the most. Any longer will send the wrong signal.

· Mirror His B ody Language. Match his movements just a bit. Don't be too obvious. Just mirror his movements and you will establish rapport with him.

If he strikes up a conversation with you...

· Keep it neutral yet interesting. You don't want it to look like a sexual flirtation. You are not going to jump into bed with this guy. You are screening to see if there is any potential for a friendship to start. Take your time and check him out.

· Conversation Starters. Those first couple of minutes can be real uncomfortable. Where do you start? What do you say? Don't watch the poor guy squirm trying to find something to talk about. You want to set the tone for whatever is to come anyway. Try a few simple things to get the screening conversation going. Ask a few questions. Don't grill him, just be slightly inquisitive. Listen to his response and make a comment. Follow up with a compliment.

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