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Sunday, 28 November 2010

5 Countryside Dating Tips

Believe it or not, countryside dating can be very different to dating for those who live in towns and cities mainly due to the nature of rural life; however, many of the problems faced by singles can be the same. Perhaps it’s down to singles doing things wrong like sending out the wrong signals on a date for example, or maybe they’ve lost the art of dating. If you’re back on the countryside dating market and want a few helpful pointers read on…

   1. It’s vitally important to make time for countryside dating. Everyone knows that rural folk have hectic lifestyles, and often find it hard to fit in the social side of life around their everyday duties.
   2. Although you may not think its important, you have to think positive. If you think negative then this will only send out the wrong vibes which will act like a barrier against yourself.
   3. Smiling goes a long way! Practice smiling and making eye contact with those around you, not just the opposite sex but everyone. You’ll be amazed at what a great feeling it gives you and soon you will build a rapport with those around you.
   4. Possibly the worst thing you could do is put pressure on the person you’re dating to let you know how he/she feels about you. They will let you know soon enough – and if they don’t start telling you what you want to hear then they’re perhaps not the right person for you or they just want to take their time.
   5. It’s always a wise idea to keep your options open, especially at the start of a relationship. After a few months you can then decide on which direction the relationship is going.

Hopefully you will have found the above mentioned countryside dating tips useful. If you would like further help with your countryside dating why not register for free today and become a member................

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